At first sight Beat Hazard looks like a very simple game but when trying to get a higher hi-score it seems to be way harder and you still can't fight that one little boss? Here are some tactics to help you get out! all the things on this page where done with the Beat Hazard Ultra DLC!

extra tacticsEdit

  • Turn on the Shield and sit over the boss turret. Missiles fired will instantly change sides and go for the boss! (You can also do this with Reapers)
  • Play Boss Rush and turn off weapon perks to collect lots of cash
    The Serpent boss will try to coil around you when he’s 70% dead. Watch out!
  • The Octo-Boss will coil up when you get close. When coiled he’s invincible. Spread your fire around in a wide arc to kill him quickly.
  • The Last Star Fighter Death Blossom (quickly spinning around) looks nice, but it’s not an effective tactic on harder levels.
  • Play Chill Out mode if you want to try weapons you’ve not unlocked yet.

2 playerEdit

  • Bosses are scored per hit, so don’t go for the kill, get as many hits as you can
  • If your opponent dies, grab all his pickups before he re-spawns
  • Hang out near the top of the screen to grab bombs and multipliers
  • Steal kills with a well timed super bomb. E.g. when a ring of Pulsars are on screen
  • Play chicken at the start. Try to build up your dare devil multiplier before the carnage starts
  • The yellow Beat Hazard logo will be next to the score that is the highest. Useful for checking if you’re winning with a quick glance.