Beat Hazard UltraEdit

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Beat Hazard Ultra was released on June 16th 2011.

Beat Hazard Ultra comes with many additional features including:

  • Online Play
Play with friends Co-op or Head to Head
  • More Bosses
Including: Serpent, Mob...
  • More Enemies
Including: Reaper, Stalker...
  • More Power Ups
Including: Wingmen, Subvert...
  • More Game Modes
Including: Boss Rush, Invaders...
  • And of course more music driven eye bleeding action


  • Europe: €4,49
  • United States: $4.99 (as of September 10th 2011)

iTunes/M4A DLCEdit

The iTunes/M4A DLC allows Beat Hazard to play music from iTunes or music that is in the M4A format.


  • Europe: €0,85
  • United States: $1.00 (as of September 10th 2011)

Golden Ship DLCEdit

Golden Ship

Golden Ship

The Golden Ship DLC was available between June 30th 2011 and July 10th 2011 during the Steam Summer Sale promotion.

This DLC unlocked a golden ship in Beat Hazard. The video to the right showcases how to get this DLC.


  • 3 Steam Summer Sale Tickets

The Gold Ship scores more points in the iOS version!