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What is Beat Hazard?Edit

Beat Hazard is a twin-stick shooter by a one-man development team. The beat of the music controls your shots, while the song itself supplies the layout of the level.


Beat Hazard is a game in which content is in some way generated by data outside the game itself. In the case of Beat Hazard this data comes in the form of the player's music. The game comes with a few songs to start with, but can be infinitely expanded upon by the player's own tastes and content.

Beat Hazard was developed by Cold Beam Games and is ranked in the top 20 for the XNA Dream Build Play 2010 Challenge.


Gameplay takes the form of one of two basic modes: a single-song mode in which the player attempts to survive through the duration of the selected single track or survival mode in which the player plays songs in order starting from the selected track until all allotted lives are spent. In single-song mode, the player is given a choice of five difficulty levels.

But when Beat hazard Ultra is bought it will add another 2 modes read more in DLC

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