All the BH Ultra exclusive enemies you'll encounter are listed here

Beat hazard 1

Pulsar Pack

Pulsar Pack: These bully boys form a ring and try to close in on you. Not much of athreat though.

Best Defence: Don’t waste powerups on these. Kill with standard weapon

Beat hazard 2


Bulldog: These form a line and chase you down. Medium Threat.

Best Defence: A well aimed Ultra Beam blast can take out 4 or 5 at a time

Beat hazard 3


Miner: Drops homing mines that stop you firing if you hit them. These can be very dangerous if left for too long. You can soon be swamped by mines.

Best Defence: Standard weapon or Micro Missiles if no direct line of fire

Beat hazard 4


Stalker: Use a powerful tractor beam to pull you in. Range proportional to music intensity.

Best Defence: Micro Missiles. Shield will neutralize pull force

Beat hazard 5


Repulsar: Use a powerful repulse beam to push you around. Dangerous in packs.

Best Defence: Micro Missiles. Shield will neutralize push force

Beat hazard 6


Reaper: Releases a hail of homing missiles when destroyed. Number of missiles proportional to music intensity.

Best Defence: An Ultra Beam will kill the ship and most of the missiles. Kill with shield to convert missiles to your side!

Beat hazard 7


Mini-Serpent: Head & Tail are invincible so shoot from the side. Flips between chasing and random movement.

Best Defence: Micro Missiles or Ultra Beam to the flank